Topic Ⅰ フランス派遣が読売新聞で報道されました H26.3.10
Topic Ⅱ 本プロジェクトに対して、日本武道館から後援をいただきました H26.4.17






English - Look France Policy-

We, IJ-7 League abbreviated “Inter Japan Seven Universities Judo League”, will send Judo Team to France in the early part of this September to celebrate Kosen Judo centennial .
Seven Universities of IJ-7 League are Hokkaido, Tohoku, Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka and Kyusyu Universities to be succeeded former Seven Imperial National Universities.
Our IJ-7 League has a long and special history of Newaza Judo originated in Kosen Judo Championship which developed much Newaza technique in Japan between 1914 and 1941.
Its Championship started in Kyoto at 1914, and accordingly this year of 2014 is centennial memorial year.

This team consists of 17 students selected from IJ-7 League and 6 related persons. They will visit institutes and club teams in many places including Creil, Paris, Orleans, Bordeaux and so on. Students will try test matches as much as possible , and also look for Judo practice and study with them, exchanging intelligence of Judo techniques each other.
Furthermore, we expect to be lectured by FFJ people for most advanced Teaching System of France and also make sure points through watching and seeing real activities.
Now we are naming this project as IJ-7 Overseas Project to France 2014 with the support of FFJ people and the sponsorship of NIPPON BUDOKAN.











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